Spring/Summer 2016 : Une Ligne's Classic Collection

Une Ligne's jewelrys from the Classic collection, for Spring/Summer 2016, are composed of four main themes and adorned with Swarovski's crystals
Spring/Summer 2016 : Une Ligne's Classic Collection

Une Ligne's Classics


Une Ligne's jewelrys from the Classic collection, for Spring/Summer 2016, are composed of four main themes : Granulation : tiny gold or silver granules decorate the jewel; Ropes : this jeweller technique gives texture and material to the jewel; Curb Gourmet : the jewel is surrounded by curb chain and Embroidery : the jewel, handmade, recapture the pattern and ancestral technique of embroidery for a chic and timeless result. Around these themes, Une Ligne's jewels magnifies every outfits since all the colors are available with each Swarovski crystals. Each jewel is available in silver and gold cast in different shapes : drops, squares or rounds.


For this new Spring/Summer season, Une Ligne's Classic jewelrys are featured with bright colors :blue/turquoise on silver and warmer on gold with purple/amethyst shades. To perfect the collection, the creative team added little pearls from the previous Fall/Winter collection, which had a huge success at the Bijorhca Jewellery show back in September 2015.


With his stylists, founder Jean-Louis Niedermaier has revisited Une Ligne's bestseller for more than 15 years : the 123, renamed 132.

The 132s are shiny round jewelrys in gold or silver adorned with multiple little crystals from Swarovski available in plenty of colors and forms (sleeper earrings, clips, pendants, necklaces andrings). Bigger and shinier than the 123s, the 132s are perfect gifts for Valentine's Day as they look like a bouqet of crystals.


Founded in 1979 by Jean-Louis NiedermaierUne Ligne's brand, installed in a charming workshop-loft in the heart of Marais district in Paris, offers since 35 years inspired collections and renewed to the rhythm of the seasons and fashion. All those years, Une Ligne has developped a true trademark, making it a recognized brand in the French custome jewelry market. The creative team studies all the time the new trends to translate them in Une Ligne's delicate and feminine spirit. Result: orginals collections in line with this time and subtly enhanced by international influences thanks to the rich work of sourcing made in Europe, Asia, and America.


Une Ligne awaits you at the next Bijorhca edition from September 2nd to 5th, 2016 !


Collier Pendentif 80859 d'Une LigneLa collection Classique d'Une Ligne Boucles d'oreilles Dormeuses 132 d'Une Ligne

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