Paris : Une Ligne's Handmade Jewelrys

From his first trips to Indonesia to a worldwide recognition, Jean-Louis Niedermaier made of his brand, Une Ligne, a reference in the jewelry world.
Paris : Une Ligne's Handmade Jewelrys

From his first trips to Indonesia to a worldwide recognition, Jean-Louis Niedermaier made of his brand, Une Ligne, a reference in the jewelry world. This adventure started on 1979 where he moved his workshop in a charming loft located in the district of the Marais in Paris. Discover 9 good reasons to work with our team :


30 YEARS OF KNOW-HOWL'atelier bijoux d'Une Ligne situé dans le Marais à Paris

Jean-Louis Niedermaier founded his brand Une Ligne in 1979. For 30 years, UNE LIGNE has been constantly renewing its collections every season, while developing its own brand over the years, nowadays recognised as a leading player in the French costume jewellery market.



The creative team is constantly harmonizing with new trends, adapting its research to the spirit of the brand. Thanks to a regular sourcing work done in several European, Asian and American countries, the designers develop their prototypes by collecting in their constantly renewed bases. In parallel, many original models are being created every season.



UNE LIGNE keeps evolving a timeless collection proving  its success through the time. This theme evolves over the seasons and is one of the brand strengths. Most of the models are customisable thanks to a large range of crystals and pearls by Swarovski ,UNE LIGNE's partner. This limitless offer satisfies the customers' typical needs.



From the quality of raw materials, from the silver plating to the golden plating, through the requirement for production monitoring, the company ensures a quality and exceptional product which constitutes one of UNE LIGNE major strengths.



UNE LIGNE has been a leading player in the French costume jewellery market for more than 30 years. Une Ligne has quickly opened up to the international sector to realise over 70% of its activity abroad. The brand is being distributed on the 5 continents in more than 200 multibrand outlets.



 UNE LIGNE shows the extent of its know-how by creating prestigious pieces for exceptionnal events such as :

  •  Miss France 2012 : UNE LIGNE has participated to the 2012 Mss France competition in the creation of a necklace on the “All Fire & Flame” theme. With its bright and sparkling colours, the Phoenix necklace was born!
  •  Bijorhca – My House is So Precious : UNE LIGNE has created an exceptional necklace very important for its team, meeting the Bijorhca show criteria. Stylists have chosen a luxurious ceiling light, into the creation of the “Versailles set of jewels”.


SWAROVSKICollier Swarovski réalisé par les stylistes d'Une Ligne

Thanks to its know-how, UNE LIGNE regularly creates jewels in partnerships with Swarovski. This association is an opportunity to gather strengths and originality of these costume jewellery creators.



Une Ligne adapts to your demands and offers the creation of product line close to your needs 

  •          An exclusive collection
  •          Adapt to your style
  •          Packaging Management
  •          Personalised Products with your logo
  •          Only for you!



UNE LIGNE has established various partnerships with online sales and teleshopping sites, in France and abroad. 


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