Une Ligne's Éléonore jewelrys collection

Discover the sophisticated collection of Une Ligne...
Une Ligne's Éléonore jewelrys collection

Éléonore is sophisticated collection created by Une Ligne's stylists. Perfect for ceremonies, galas or weddings, the pieces have been worked with delicacy and decorated with light filigree. The natural mother-of-pear , the freshwater pearls and Swarovski' strass bring a touch of brightness just in time for Summer.


To highlight É's collection, our team called photographer Mary Erhardy and models Jade Nguyen & Elena Shilkinova who wore the jewelrys with grace and beauty. The collection had a huge success at the last edition of the international jewelry show BIJORHCA back in Septembre 2015 in Paris.


Une Ligne's Éléonore jewelrys Une Ligne's Éléonore jewelrys Une Ligne's Éléonore jewelrys




With more than 30 years of know-how, Une Ligne is at the origin of its own models of costume jewels and realizes all its models which establish original elements appropriate to the mark. For every season, stylists' team develops an original collection according to the trends and the new colors of the moment. Jean-Louis Niedermaier, as well as the stylists, are permanently on the lookout for the new trends. 

The realization of the models are made from assemblies of rooms which they draw and make. The team draws its inspiration from the wide base of primers collected during the journeys of sourcing in multiple countries of Europe and Asia made several times a year. From drawings, the stylists realize models of metal to being able to perfect the jewel with real size. Follow each other the manufacturing of primers in brass, then make it pewter.

The gilt, of French manufacturing, assures an excellent durability. Crystals decorating the frame result from crystals Swarovski and are declinable for any product: earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet and brooch. To represent his know-how worldwide, collections develop with creators' team stemming from the best Parisian schools. The success of Une Ligne is spread in Europe, in Asia and crosses the Atlantic Ocean to reach America.


Une Ligne's team awaits you at the new Bijorhca edition from September 2nd to 5th, 2016 at Paris-Porte de Versailles.

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